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Dede WylandDede Wyland’s pure and compelling voice has enchanted audiences around the globe, and her driving rhythm guitar has powered the sound of numerous bluegrass and acoustic bands. A Milwaukee native, she toured the Midwest in the late 1970s with ’Grass, Food & Lodging before moving to New York City to help found Tony Trischka and Skyline, one of the leading progressive bluegrass bands of the 1980s. Since moving to the Washington, DC, area in 1990, Dede has become a sought-after vocal instructor. In addition to a full schedule of private lessons, she has taken her expertise to workshops and music camps throughout the United States and abroad. Her recordings and concert performances have earned her ten Wammie awards for Bluegrass Vocalist of the Year from the Washington Area Music Association.  Although bluegrass is at the foundation of what Dede does, she has a deep love for all things country-roots related, and the stylistic range to "deliver the goods" in those styles.   In addition to the Do-Rights, Dede also performs with the DC-based bluegrass band Big Howdy, and teaches through Dede Wyland’s Online Video School Of Voice.

Scott McKnightA life-long resident of the Washington, DC, area, Scott McKnight began playing music by picking out tunes on the family piano and later playing trombone in the junior high school band. Not long after, he began playing guitar and bass and has continued to do so over the past 40-plus years. Scott’s influences include just about everything, and he’s enjoyed playing most every form of 20th century popular music. Over the years, local music fans may have seen Scott playing guitar or bass in The Neighbors, Naughty Pine, the Linemen, The Graverobbers, The Grandsons, Last Train Home, Exit 10, and Jelly Roll Mortals. In addition to performing, Scott is a songwriter who has had several of his songs covered by other local bands. In 2000, Sam Records released Scott’s solo double CD, It Works For Me, containing 45 of his own songs. Scott was nominated for a Washington Area Music Award for Songwriter of the Year in 2001. Scott enjoys being a Do-Right because it allows him to play some of his favorite music and to sing with two of Washington’s best singers.

Tommy BowesTommy Bowes was born in Philadelphia in 1954 to a musical family.  From an early age Tommy sang traditional songs with his twelve siblings and studied piano, flute, and drums. After moving to Indianapolis in 1967 Tommy started drumming in rock ’n’ roll bands, as well as in his family’s band, which played ’40s standards.  He continued drumming in rock cover bands throughout high school and college. Arriving in DC in 1980, Tommy soon began playing with local and touring blues bands.  Since the late 1980s his focus has been on rockabilly and roots rock ’n’ roll music. Among the bands he has graced with his drumming are Hangover Royale, The Atomic Swing Club, Johnny and the Headhunters, The Choirboys, The Catfish Hodge Band, Pink and Black, The Reluctant Playboys, Kid Pharaoh and the No Goods, The Pea Shooters, J.P. McDermott and Western Bop, and Dick’s House of Beauty. In addition to the Do-Rights, Tommy currently performs with The Rock-A-Sonics.

Bill WilliamsBill Williams hails from Blacksburg, Virginia, but has resided in the DC area for the past 30 years. Growing up, Bill divided his musical time between playing rock, folk, country, and bluegrass while his alter ego sang in choirs, chamber groups and musicals.  Once in DC, Bill found his way into the local scene of the late-1980s through a long stint as a tenor/musical arranger with a cappella fixtures The Tone Rangers, while also cofounding his first DC band, power-pop quartet The Invoices.  Since then, Bill has misspent many happy hours strumming, writing, and singing with a succession of groups that includes Kevin Johnson & The Linemen, Naughty Pine, Last Train Home, Little Pink, J.P. McDermott & Western Bop, and Jelly Roll Mortals.  In addition to performing on numerous releases with those bands, Bill also released a solo CD, Handful, in 2007, which garnered four Washington Area Music Award nominations.  Bill is all about lock-tight harmony singing, something the Do-Rights truly do right.

S  ix decades ago, when some of the younger country boys
 and girls started playing that newfangled rock ’n’ roll, their elders could only shake their heads in dismay. But from today’s perspective, it’s clear that that music does its country roots proud. Just listen to Dede and the Do-Rights’ gemlike recordings: the lyrics are straightforward and heartfelt, the vocals shimmer like morning dew on a hot summer day, and the instrumental backing sets the stage with the sort of unassuming virtuosity that never screams, “Look at me!” This is beautiful stuff. —Ira Gitlin
 lthough I’ve had the honor of forging a musical career in
 the great world of bluegrass music, my second love is a music form born in the late ’40s and early ’50s, that wild and unpredictable time when roots country careened headlong into the birth of rock ’n’ roll. The results? A wondrous fusion of some of the best elements of vintage country music and vocal harmonies with an early rock ’n’ roll beat. 
 Thanks to some of the DC area’s finest classic rockers, I now have a chance to play this great music that we have a shared passion for. —Dede Wyland A

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